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Is Now The Best Time To Become A Pilot?

In the past, aviation was perceived as an under-appreciated career. However, with changing times came a change in mindsets. Today aviation is regarded as an adventurous, high-end job that individuals are encouraged to pursue.

With the number of airline companies, airports, and air passenger traffic increasing year on year, new pilots’ demand is on the rise. It is estimated to increase further in the coming decade. As an aspiring pilot, it’s time that you start looking for the best pilot training schools in India to take you closer to your dream job!  

If you’re still unsure of pursuing an aviation career, read on to know why NOW is the best time to become a pilot:

  • Shortage Of Pilots: 

Boeing predicts that over 800,000 new pilots will be required in the next 20 years due to nearly half of the current airline pilots being required to retire in the next ten years. This is due to the mandatory retirement age of 65 being enforced by the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration, an operating mode of the U.S Department of Transportation. To mitigate this, a new pilot will be required every 15 minutes over the next two decades. In addition to this, the number of airline passengers is also expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% between 2019 and 2038. This means that we need to begin work on educating and preparing pilots today to cover this number. 

With the increasing demand for pilots paired with the shortage of their supplies, airlines are now willing to hire pilots more lenient than before. As a result, pay, benefits and sign-on bonuses for pilots at the regional level are higher than ever. Most importantly, it has also led to decreased competition among the new batch of aspiring pilots making admission to pilot schools rather convenient. Having said that, there cannot be compromises made on the quality of pilots, and the best way to not let that happen is to upskill yourself in good pilot training schools in India.

  • Higher Aviation Trends:

According to the estimation performed by the IATA, air traffic will double by 2037, which is less than 20 years from now. There has been a noticeable growth in aviation in recent years and is only predicted to escalate in the coming years. This is primarily because the traditional sources of pilots are drying up, such as the military, which has long been a prime source of experienced pilots. However, in recent years even the armed services are having a difficult time filling the role. Industry figures also suggest that the annual number of passengers can reach 10.9 billion international travellers and 11.3 billion domestic passengers by 2040.

But the trends in air travel are just a few of the many factors that contribute to pilot recruitment. High demand and short supply turn the aviation industry into a viable high-paying job for people of all backgrounds. Gone are the days when becoming a pilot was treated as a passion-driven expensive dream only meant for a niche group of people. Today, the opportunities are ample and easily accessible, training is affordable, and the pay-off is high. 

  • Easier And Faster Access To Flight Schools:

There’s probably nothing more human than the pursuit of flight. With that being said, there also comes along a ludicrous price tag attached to such a venture; at least that’s what most people like to believe. The good news is, that’s not entirely true. Yes, pilot training does cost you the same way every other profession does. But unlike the yesteryears, flight schools have now become affordable. 

You can also opt for flight schools that collaborate with airline companies to subsidize the cost of training aspiring pilots. Some of the best pilot training schools in India are just a click away. The process of taking admissions in them is a lot easier and quicker today. You can also find both ground training and flight training at the same place. Moreover, you can also opt for online theory classes in aviation, which are now being conducted by many pilot schools worldwide in light of the ongoing pandemic. 


If you are somebody who takes an interest in aviation and has a hard time deciding on whether or not to go for it, worry not! We hope that we have helped to solve your worries regarding whether you should or shouldn’t pursue your dream of aviation in our current situation. If you’re looking for a good flight school to kick start your pilot career, you should then surely check out Aviators of Tomorrow. It’s regarded as one of the best pilot training schools in India, with branches all over the globe. 



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