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Best Pilot Training Institute in Delhi

Best Pilot Training Institute in Delhi

Are you looking for the best pilot training institute in Delhi? Do you want to pursue your dream of becoming a commercial pilot and flying high in the sky? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the best pilot training institute in Delhi and how you can enroll in their courses.

Pilot training is acquiring the skills and knowledge required to operate an aircraft safely and efficiently. It involves theoretical and practical training, covering aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, flight regulations, aircraft systems, human factors, and emergency procedures. Pilot training also includes flying hours under the supervision of an instructor or a senior pilot. Therefore, you need to choose the best pilot training institute in Delhi that can provide you with quality education and training.

Why Choose Pilot Training?

Pilot training is a rewarding and challenging career option for anyone who loves aviation and adventure. It offers many benefits, such as:

  • A high salary and perks: According to PayScale, the average salary of a commercial pilot in India is ₹1,774,074 per year. Moreover, pilots also enjoy benefits such as travel allowances, accommodation, medical insurance, and retirement plans.


  • A flexible and exciting lifestyle: Pilots travel to different destinations worldwide and experience different cultures and cuisines. They also have flexible work schedules and can choose their preferred routes and airlines.


  • A sense of pride and accomplishment: Many people respect and admire Pilots for their skills and professionalism. They also have the satisfaction of fulfilling their passion and positively impacting society.

How to Become a Pilot?

To become a pilot, you must obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the regulatory authority for civil aviation in India. To get a CPL, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Education: You must have passed 10+2 or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics as subjects with at least 50% marks.
  • Medical: You must have a Class I medical certificate issued by a DGCA-approved medical examiner.
  • Ground School: You must complete 200 hours of ground school covering various aviation subjects such as Air Regulations, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Technical General, Technical Specific, etc.
  • Flying Hours: You must complete at least 200 hours of flying hours, including 100 hours of solo flying, 25 hours of cross-country flying, 10 hours of instrument flying, 5 hours of night flying, etc.

Where to Get Pilot Training?

Many pilot training institutes in India offer CPL courses. However, not all of them are equally good and reliable. Before choosing one, you need to research and compare factors such as reputation, accreditation, facilities, instructors, fees, placement assistance, etc.

One of the best pilot training institutes in Delhi is Aviators Of Tomorrow, recognized as one of India’s leading aviation training providers. Aviators Of Tomorrow offers CPL courses in India with certification by the DGCA. Aviators Of Tomorrow has the following features that make it stand out from other institutes:

  • Experienced and qualified instructors: Aviators Of Tomorrow has a team of highly experienced and qualified instructors who have flown for various airlines and have thousands of hours of flying experience. They provide personalized guidance and feedback to each student and help them achieve their goals.

  • State-of-the-art facilities: Aviators Of Tomorrow has state-of-the-art facilities such as modern classrooms, advanced simulators, well-equipped labs, a library, a cafeteria, a hostel, etc., that provide a conducive learning environment for students.

  • Affordable fees: Aviators Of Tomorrow offers affordable fees for its CPL courses that include all expenses such as tuition fees, flying charges, etc. Aviators Of Tomorrow also provides financial assistance and scholarships to deserving students.

  • Placement assistance: Aviators Of Tomorrow assists its students by conducting mock interviews, resume-building workshops, career counseling sessions, etc. Aviators Of Tomorrow also has tie-ups with various airlines and aviation companies that offer job opportunities to its students.

How to Enroll in Aviators Of Tomorrow?

If you are interested in enrolling in Aviators Of Tomorrow’s CPL courses, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Visit their website, www.aviatorsoftomorrow.com or call or WhatsApp us at +91 9310670588 or 8800101111 and complete the online inquiry form.
  • You will receive a call from their admission counselor, who will guide you through the admission process and answer your queries.
  • You must submit documents such as a 10+2 mark sheet, medical certificate, passport, etc., and pay the registration fee.
  • You must report to the training center and start your CPL course.


Pilot training is a great career option for anyone who loves flying and wants to make a mark in the aviation industry. However, becoming a successful pilot requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and passion. Therefore, you need to choose the best pilot training institute in Delhi that can provide you with quality education and training.

Aviators Of Tomorrow is one of the best pilot training institutes in Delhi that offers CPL courses in various locations with international certification and recognition. Aviators Of Tomorrow has excellent facilities, instructors, fees, and placement assistance, making it a preferred choice for many aspiring pilots. If you want to enroll in Aviators Of Tomorrow’s CPL courses, visit their website, www.aviatorsoftomorrow.com or call or WhatsApp us at +91 9310670588 or 8800101111 for more details.



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