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3 Ways Of Receiving Your Aviation Ground Schooling.

Ground and flight training are the two major components of your pilot training. While flight training teaches you to fly a plane, ground training teaches you the theoretical elements of your training process, to be followed on the ground. A competent pilot requires a mix of both. The type of ground training you receive depends a lot on your choice of pilot school. 

Fortunately, many of the pilot training schools in India offer both ground training and flight training at the same place. However, not all students are willing to opt for the traditional method of sitting in a classroom full of aspiring pilots with an instructor teaching them. Many of them want to pursue ground training at their own pace and comfort. 

As a result, we have several ways to obtain ground training outside of the traditional method. Hence, we bring you the following ways to decide on the one best suited for you. 

  • Through Approved Ground Courses: 

Most pilot training schools in India provide both ground schooling and flight training lessons. While flight training is all about learning to fly the aeroplane, ground schooling deals with the required aviation theory. You can do this by opting for ground courses approved by your flight school. 

Through this course, you will get to learn about aerodynamics, meteorology and navigation, among many other aviation-related topics. However, studying ground courses is much more than just aviation theory. It also includes operational knowledge such as aircraft characteristics, in-flight procedures and radio communications. All of this knowledge plays a vital role while learning to fly an aircraft. Most importantly, they come in handy while dealing with critical situations during flying. 

  • Through An Authorized Instructor:

An authorized instructor refers to a qualified flight instructor. The flight instructor will brief you on the content of fight lessons, demonstrate the tasks you need to learn and critique your performance for further improvements. While physically attending a ground school isn’t necessary, it is mandatory to pass the knowledge test, which is crucial to issuing all pilot licenses, except for student pilot license. 

It is also worth noting that you don’t need a pilot certificate or ground training to start the practical aspect of your flight training. However, you’re required to have both before flying solo.

  • Through Home-Study Courses:

Since aviation ground schooling is mandatory to meet the minimum aeronautical knowledge requirements of your desired pilot license, you can achieve them via home study. Physically attending a ground school is not compulsory but is more about the knowledge required to qualify for the test to work as a full-time pilot.

With the ongoing pandemic, obtaining ground schooling through home-study courses has become more popular than ever. You can now complete the same while sitting in the comfort of your home. 


Aviation ground training is integral to your pilot journey because it aims at achieving knowledge to conduct safe flight operations. It helps you build the capacity to make the right decisions at critical moments in your flight journey. However, there is no one way to do so, as mentioned in the article. Fortunately, we have pilot training schools in India, such as the Aviators of Tomorrow, which provides you with excellent ground training courses and flight training lessons. They stand at the frontline of aviation schools, with branches worldwide.



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