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What Is The Future Of Green Aviation?

 The future of the aerospace industry has been widely discussed across various platforms in environmental sustainability and innovation. As every factor of aviation aims to bring about a comprehensive range to  maintain a brighter yet greener future, organizations are taking great strides into incorporating such solutions.

With the right tools for managing innovations, technologies and projects, these would help bring a sustainable strategy into an uncertain yet dynamic world. For maintaining a healthy and sustainable future, the industry has displayed progress over achieving greater levels of survival for reducing its carbon emissions. While the primary aim always remains to safeguard the environment and the future, NASA has predicted that maintaining corporate relationships with various professional aerospace organisations could help fulfil the aviation’s goals. 

As green aviation remains one of the essential topics, let’s look into what could be beneficial to safeguard the future – 

  • Improving Environmental Performance.

According to Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders, the aerospace industry is leading the way into improving environmental efficiency. One of the most advanced industries contributing immensely towards the economy, various organizations are bringing in ambitious goals and strategies for reducing climate change.

Fuel consumption plays a role in bringing excess improvement over collaborating with big organizations for maintaining a sustainable aerospace. As Airbus and Boeing have produced efficient aircrafts, Airbus A350 XWB and Boeing 737 Dreamliner have helped in travelling long distances on one gallon of fuel.

While the sector grows to meet increasing demands, aviation’s share of overall emissions is increasing. With the industry pumping in ample research and development into building eco-friendly aircraft, this could also guarantee growth and heaps of job opportunities for pilots.

  • Diversification of Aviation Fuels

Even as the aerospace industry aims to bring up fuel-efficient planes, sustainable aviation fuels and carbon offsetting remain one of the most feasible yet meaningful environment-friendly options. Despite trending global movements, the onus remains over the industry and governments to develop new greener options. 

According to Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders, air transport had generated around 895 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2018. This achievement is through massive investment in new technology and coordinated action to implement new operating procedures and infrastructural measures. With eminent airlines using sustainable blends for reducing carbon footprints, this equally displays that airlines, even airports, are adapting to utilizing means that would be effective for maintaining a sustainable yet greener aviation environment. 

  • Strategic targets for the Aviation industry

As the aerospace industry aims to focus on developing more innovative policies, it also helps bring the world together by collectively contributing towards emission reduction goals. The plan is to engage across various organizations and stakeholders for developing effective, sustainable aviation strategies that would also facilitate cooperation and remove any barriers that would cause disruptions. 

According to a report by CNBC, as of July 2019, a total of 81 countries have agreed upon carbon emission reduction. With such progress, these countries and organizations could achieve the global objective of saving energy, reducing emissions, and dealing with climate change by making people aware of environmental protection being a consensus. 

With technological innovations being developed, it also creates ample opportunities and development for pilots who aim to explore the industry and understand specific patterns and theories associated with aerospace.

Conclusion :

In the era of a low carbon economy, every organization and aviation school like Aviation of Tomorrow aims to adopt more sustainable methods and techniques that would strengthen the foundation for greener aviation and create a clean energy system. 


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