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Reducing negative impact of human factors in aviation.

Aviation is a vast field where errors are prevalent. While human errors are common in any sector, in aviation it is due to mistakes made by the flight crew, maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers and others that create a direct impact over flight safety. 

Despite rapid advancements in technology, humans are ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety and success of the aviation industry. As the industry continues to make significant investments in training, equipment and systems that have long term implications, it becomes critical that specific actions may reduce situational awareness. This is if the automated system does not indicate what kind of actions they are taking in response. 

While the aerospace industry faces a challenge to develop an error-free organizational system, measures are required to look through any errors caused and rectify them immediately. 

Let’s look into few points that could help eliminate any negative impact on the aviation system –

  • Training of Flight Crews 

Although current processes may be complex to understand, training is considered to be vocational and technical. While authorities and organisations try harnessing various measures to avoid errors, people must maintain situational awareness for preventing incidents or accidents associated with the same.

For that, getting crew members adequately trained for their future tasks is of utmost priority. Even though the technology is straightforward to understand, according to Uniting Aviation – “The goal of competency-based training and assessment is to provide a proper workforce that could ensure a safe and efficient air transportation system.” 

It is guaranteed that incidents or accidents may significantly impact the industry in both a social and economical context. Thus, it becomes paramount that people minimize adverse effects to bring the aviation industry back on track. 

  • Avoiding Maintenance Related Errors

While the air transport industry is ensuring to avoid any human errors in the future, operational factors force aerospace to look into certain technical parts that could provide the smooth operation of particular aircraft and allow pilots to handle the flight well. 

As Boeing stated that 20% of all flights shut down, and 50% of all engine flight delays and cancellations can be traced to maintenance-related errors; what must be ensured is to utilize the right equipment to help reduce any human error. 

One of the things that could be effective in avoiding mistakes would be to follow technical procedures. As it becomes essential for organisations to maintain a balance between costs and profits, it also becomes a priority to guarantee that defences can trap any fallacy that dooms over the aviation system.

  • Maintaining Regulatory Standards

Reducing an error needs to be approached systematically. For this, it becomes necessary to understand the importance of managing safety-related rules. These rules could be essential for maintaining standards related to maintaining regulations assigned by various other organisations and governments of countries. 

While management systems would require an understanding of regulations associated with aviation, according to SKYbrary Aviation, it becomes essential for organisations to develop common standards and procedures for safety that could help spread awareness over avoiding misconceptions that could be detrimental. 

With complex systems being introduced to pilots and technicians, it puts organisations and governments in place to ensure high and uniform aviation safety levels. Thus it becomes essential to follow necessary ICAO standards that could prove great importance for people belonging to the aviation industry.

Conclusion :

Since human factors are essential, they can create a ‘make or break situation for the aerospace system. To avoid any errors or negative impacts that could prove to be serious for the industry, various training schools, including Aviators of Tomorrow, take their teachings to the next level so that pilots may have the capability to overcome any obstacles and challenges soon. 


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