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How To Become A Pilot In India : A Complete Guide

Choosing to become a pilot though daunting can be a rewarding career choice for you. Said to be an exhilarating career choice, many youngsters dream of becoming a pilot and soaring up high giving flight to their dreams and aspirations. In addition to this, piloting is said to be one of the highly paid careers in India owing to the risk factor attached to the job profile. 

For a pilot fresher domestic airlines in India pay up to 1.5 lacs. But on foreign flights, a pilot’s income is dependent on their years of experience. Pilots with experience flying foreign routes, might earn up to 5 to 6 lac rupees per month.

So, if you are planning to become a pilot and don’t know the essentials to become one, keep on reading. And also understand the requirements for being a commercial and military pilot.

The below steps will answer your questions on how to become a pilot in India, and the training programs you need to undertake for the same. 

Understanding The Purpose Of Becoming A Pilot

Your purpose for aiming to become a pilot should be clear. And for that we have listed down all the steps, benefits and how to become a pilot in India as a complete guide for you.

  1. It’s A Rewarding Career

The key purpose of becoming a pilot is that you can expect a highly gratifying career; from your first solo flight to landing, flying to a new destination, and conquering problems, every day in the cockpit can feel mighty rewarding.

  1. You Get To Become A Part Of An Elite Group

Your new aviation pals will welcome you, assist you, and support you as a new pilot. They’ll make you wish you never quit. The aviation profession is made up of amazing, one-of-a-kind individuals who share a devotion for flying with a level of intensity and excitement rarely seen elsewhere.

  1. Salary And Health Benefits

We did briefly mention about the salary you can earn by becoming a pilot in India and it’s no joke! Aerospace is a profession with a lot of room for advancement. Almost every airline provides typical annual raises as well as health benefits. Commercial and military pilots in particular, may expect to earn a six-figure average annual income.

Types of Pilot:

Now coming to a more technical aspect of how to become a pilot in India. Here are the three types of pilots.

  1. Airline Pilot

A pilot for an airline is someone who is responsible for flying passengers and cargo on a fixed schedule over a longer distance around the world. 

  1. Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot is associated with flying regional airlines that transport passengers and cargo over shorter distances.

  1. Corporate Pilot

A corporate pilot assists corporate executives in travelling to meetings by flying smaller corporate turboprops and jets for private enterprises or individuals.

  1. Military Pilot:

If you want to serve the country, this is the place for you. A Military pilot serves as a soldier in the Royal Airforce. As a pilot you fight in wars and fly to defend the nation.

Eligibility To Become A Pilot

  1. Age Limit

The age limit for freshers on Indian airlines is 36 years. However, for ex-air force candidates, the age restriction is raised to 50. You can become a commercial pilot at any age, but as a new airline pilot, you must be 36 years old or younger.

  1. Education
  • Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, aircraft operations, aviation, or any other similar field. Candidates must pass the NDA exam, class 10 with 50%.
  • Students from courses related to science background need to complete their courses related to aviation before applying.
  • A commercial pilot license (CPL) is mandatory.
  • While applying, Airline line pilot transformation certificate and instrument rating certification can be asked.
  • Two hundred hours of ground training is a must for becoming a certified pilot. 
  1. Physical Requirements
  • Height, Weight, BMI, Muscular buildup

There are certain physical requirements you need to pass before becoming a pilot. You need to have a proper height i.e. 162.5 cms with correlated weight for both commercial and military pilots. BMI numbers between 17 and 25 are considered appropriate. 

  • Vision/ Eye-Sight and Color Perception

Vision for pilots is what oxygen is for humans. Corrected vision to 6/6 is allowed, and color blindness is a complete no-no. 

Other physical aspects such as hearing, speech and mental health are also considered before clearing the test for becoming a certified pilot. 

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There you have it! Every initial detail you need to know about how to become a pilot in India. If you have decided to follow the path of flying high in your dream uniform, congratulations! We hope the details mentioned in this article helped you in taking a step forward towards fulfilling your dream of becoming a pilot. 


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