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3 Basic Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Flight School

Have you ever wanted to fly high in the sky? You may say that it’s a universal wish, one that everyone wants to experience at some point in their lives. But how much is this wish universal in the literal context? Let us put it in another way. Are you one of those who are ambitious enough to fly high in the sky for real? If so, then unlike others, the sky isn’t a limit to fulfilling a wish for you; instead, that’s where your journey begins.

If you think that we are speaking of aviation and pilots here, you guessed it right! Many of you may have thought to tread down this path but stopped in your tracks as you are unsure of the next steps. The first decision you need to make is deciding the right flight school as an aspiring pilot. Understand the kind of pilot you want to be before you begin your search for a school. After all, the type of pilot you aspire to be is majorly dependent on the training you receive at this school. One such school is Aviators of Tomorrow, one of the best flight training schools in India. With an outstanding faculty of experienced instructors, the flight school provides top-notch pilot training both in India and abroad.

While every flight school is different, there are a few basic requirements that every aspiring pilot must look out for. Without any further delay, let’s jump right into the three fundamentals you need to keep in mind while selecting a flight school:

  1. Type Of Training Offered:

Pilots are either recreational or professional. Your choice between the two helps you define your training type. A recreational pilot can get their required training from a small flying club. Whereas, as a professional pilot, you must look for a flight institute inclusive of all kinds of training, such as PPL, CPL, instrument rating, night-rating, etc. Such extensive training will help you build hours for your CPL while also completing your ratings and advanced training. Once you find a school that offers everything you have been looking for, you can further optimise your training time and expenditure. 

  1. Safety Record:

The most crucial aspect of a flight school is its safety record. While deciding on a flight school, look towards its safety ratings, followed by its reputation. Some of the best flight training schools in India and abroad are an excellent combination of the two. You can even take a tour of your interested flight schools. Make the most of your tour by taking in their overall facilities, aircraft maintenance, operating ways, safety records, defect reporting system, and even speaking to their alumni. This gives you a general idea of how much the institute prioritises and values its students’ safety. As a commercial pilot, you will be working in an industry where safety is of prominence. Therefore, this is a crucial criterion to tick off when choosing your flight school as well.

  1. Experienced Faculty:

Similar to any educational institute, an aviation academy’s faculty is the crux of its being. A set of experienced and knowledgeable instructors are needed to train professional pilots. Your chosen flight school faculty must have several years of experience in the aviation industry and needs to be thorough with every aspect of flight training. Unlike most teachers, aviation instructors bear the responsibility of training pilots who will carry lives on their flights one day.  One small mistake by the pilot can become the cause of losing multiple lives. Therefore, an experienced trainer is essential to how good a pilot you will become. 


Becoming a pilot is one of the most risk-taking, ambitious and thrilling professions in the world. If becoming a pilot is your passion, an excellent pilot school only goes a long way to fuel the same. As an aspiring pilot, flight schools can either make or break your training. In that case, you can always opt for Aviators of Tomorrow, undoubtedly one of the best flight training schools in India.



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